Meal Services

3 recipes for a family of four starts at $245, including groceries. 

* That’s in the NW Austin area without special dietary requests 

* Discounts for mid- or late-week service 

* Each recipe has a protein, starch and veggie. Service also includes bread and a snack tray 

* I save you time and money in a lot of ways: from the decision-making, the shopping trips, the cooking and cleanup. 

* The real value is being at home, relaxed and well-fed. Instead of driving home while worrying that you don’t know what to make for dinner, you’ve got a variety of dishes in the fridge to choose from.

Date Night Meal Service

Starting prices: (doesn’t include drive time or premium menus)

Flowers on the table and food in the ‘fridge

“Date night” meal service for 2 people  – I make multiple meals, you get a 3-course dinner plus more food for the rest of the week: I cook and clean up, you do everything for date night –  4 or 6 hours

    $295 for 3 recipes, $345 for 5 recipes

One recipe gets an extra appetizer and dessert

Flowers and an extra special meal (Crab-stuffed lobster? Filet mignon?)
Abbreviated event meal:, I do the cooking, plating, and clean the prep dishes, leave as we’re serving appetizers – 3-4 hours

    $295 – 3 course meal for 2 

Full event meal: I do the cooking, (you’re welcome to join in as a class experience),  plating, service, stay until the end of the meal and wash all dishes – 5-6 hours

    $395 – 3 course meal for 2

$50 non-refundable deposit claims your event date/time