Hands-on cooking classes

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In-house meal prep services

Menus tailored to your household needs: whether that is Whole 30 / Paleo, vegetarian or vegan, or interested in trying a new set of dishes every week.

Team building challenges

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national food holidays app

Download the mobile app that helps you track annual food holidays and share pictures of favorite dishes. Remind yourself of old favorites and challenge yourself with new cuisines and ingredients.  Find it on Apple Store and Google Play.

demo cooking classes

Small Groups & Individuals

Start with the basics, explore new techniques, learn new and healthier recipes from around the world. Gain the skills and confidence to make planning, shopping, preparing and cooking an *adventure*, instead of a chore.

event meals

Spend an afternoon or evening with friends, learning new kitchen skills over a customized menu and then relaxing over your own delicious cooking.


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community cookbook

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